Who doesn’t love an award??

The other day I was enjoying reading the comments that I received on my most recent post and replying to many of them. I’m still getting used the fact that people out there are actually reading my stuff, let alone liking it!

So, needless to say, I was surprised to be nominated Continue reading

Creepy is in the Eye of the Beholder

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

What do you think? Funny or creepy?
What do you think? Funny or creepy?

Browsing through the local antique mall one day, I came across these constipated little guys. They were about 10 inches tall and made me laugh. I had to snap a photo with my phone. They made enough of an impression on me that I went back the next weekend to buy one or both. I don’t know why exactly – I guess I thought they’d be a goofy conversation piece.   Imagine my surprise when I found Continue reading

In Cheese We Trust

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Dear St. Louis Community,

When I relocated from Chicago to an Illinois suburb of your fine city 16 years ago, I found something that was so foreign, so disturbing, that I can no longer stay silent. I fear you have all been brainwashed. I’m not sure who is responsible, and I don’t know that there is any hope to reverse it. I’m talking about what you have been told is “pizza.” Or, more specifically, what you refer to as the “cheese” on this “pizza.” People of St. Louis, your pizza makes me sad. Continue reading

An Agreement With Myself

Day 9: Get Inspired by the Neighbors

Over the course of this Blogging 101 class, I have lost count of how many blogs I’ve visited, liked, commented on and followed. I am in awe of how many talented people I have run across as I try (unsuccessfully) to read everyone’s posts. It is truly humbling.

As part of yesterday’s assignment, I commented on several posts and two particularly resonated with me. The first was “Writing – With or Without Inspiration” by Ashley Kagaoan, who discussed the importance of a writing routine, even when your muse is silent. The other was “Embrace Your Voice” by Kerwayne Perry, emphasizing the importance of being your authentic self in your writing and not following the herd.

As I read both of these bloggers’ posts, I pondered Continue reading

I’m too Young to be this Old.

I am no longer “pushing 50.” Almost two years after that milestone, I can say that I’m doing pretty well. Unfortunately, my body is staging a revolt.

I’m fairly fit – I do yoga regularly and walk a mile or two nearly every day. The old bod says thank you by insisting on hanging onto those 10 extra pounds no matter how much I watch my calories, or my carbs, or my fat grams, or my sugar. Based on the way I feel each morning, I’m also convinced that some invisible gremlin is taking a hammer to my joints as I sleep.

I try to look my best by doing the usual upkeep of covering my gray and plucking/waxing/shaving all the correct parts. So how, during a 45 minute meeting, can an inch long chin hair somehow appear out of nowhere? Don’t get me started on Continue reading

Day 2: Titles and Taglines

Today’s assignment is to edit my title and tagline.

The tagline for my blog is currently “stuff I think about doing when I’m doing other stuff.” I think I’ll be keeping it, at least for now. Not only does it sound good to my ears and imparts my wit (hopefully!), it also sums up the way I feel about the hodge-podge of ideas that I have for this blog.

The things I want to explore through my writing are infinite – travel, cooking, writing and language, yoga and meditation, being a childless step-parent, my aging parents, surviving in the workplace, nostalgic and amusing tales (again, I hope!) of people I’ve known and experiences I’ve had, and the general absurdity of the world around us. These things Continue reading

Day One: About Me

Hi – I’m Rita. A native of Chicago, living in Southern Illinois for the past 16 years. I love words, grammar, and puns.

I am brand-spankin’-new to the world of blogging. That’s not entirely true… I created a WordPress page 3 years ago, published one post, didn’t tell a soul about it, and never used it again until now.

That in itself should tell you a lot about me. I’ve always loved Continue reading