Who is this maid anyway, and who gave her the day off?

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you’re probably wondering “who is this maid anyway, and who gave her the day off?”

Hate to be misleading – especially if you are a maid hoping for a list of fun things to do this weekend. My name is Rita and the title is derived from a long ago nickname based on the Beatles song.

I am a mild-mannered, middle-aged, Midwesterner who loves language, grammar and especially puns. My topics come from a hodgepodge of ideas, most of which I think of while daydreaming while I should be doing something else. I love satire and marveling at the absurdity of the world and its inhabitants. I have more pet peeves than is probably healthy.

I love dogs, travel, hiking, yoga, cooking, iced coffee, mystery novels, edgy TV shows, sushi, 70s disco, 80s punk rock, my husband, and my stepdaughter (not necessarily in that order.)

I hate hypocrisy, unnecessary apostrophes, condescension, lazy people, and jazz (pretty much in that order.)

I was born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs. I now live in southern Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri, but will always call The Windy City home. I work in a CPA’s office by day. The rest of the time I dream of not working in a CPA’s office.

I have no illusions – this blog will not change the world. I have no desire to stir up controversy and will not be baited into serious arguments. I only hope to tell you stories that will make you smile – or laugh if I’m doing it right.

9 thoughts on “Who is this maid anyway, and who gave her the day off?

  1. I’m hopelessly behind on the blogging 101 stuff (for the second time, I’m embarrassed to admit!) but you had me at humor and 80’s punk rock!


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