So Many Blogs. So Little Time.

In my last post, I talked about distractions that keep me from blogging.

I follow a bunch of other bloggers. It takes up a good chunk of time to catch every post which keeps me from posting on my own blog. Also, the sheer talent out there gives my Inner Critic plenty of ammunition.

But I’ll continue to read them. When you read, comment, and engage with your fellow bloggers, you become part of a wonderful community. I think of them as pen pals for the modern age.

Here list of some of my favorites. Those of you lucky enough to be listed will reap the benefits of being read by my entire list of followers. That’s right – you could reach tens of readers! Congratulations!

But seriously, thank you – to everyone brave enough to share their words with the world. You all make me laugh, cry, think, and/or learn on a regular basis.

The Maid’s list – in no particular order:

Meg Sorick, Author – Meg was one of the first people I followed and who followed me when we both took WordPress Blogging 101. She is talented in so many ways. Short stories, writing tips, poetry, drawing, painting, photography, baking… there is nothing this woman can’t do. Oh yeah, and she’s a published author. This is all in addition to her chiropractic practice. Oy, Meg. I’d be pissed that you were making me look bad if you weren’t so darn supportive and nice.

Catching My Drift – I “met” Pam during the WordPress class too. A former English teacher, she is an incredible writer. Every Saturday one of her perfectly crafted pieces hits my inbox. Each one is an exquisite piece of art. Her universally relatable stories that are often poignant and bittersweet.

Fatty McCupcakes – No one does self-deprecating irreverence like Katie. If there was an award for the creative use of swear words, it would be on her mantel. When you read about her shenanigans, and learn she teaches grade school– I guarantee you’ll see your own teachers in a whole new, hilarious light. Her stuff is pee-your-pants funny!

James Proclaims – His tagline is “The wit and wisdom of a man who has neither.” Usually silly and always entertaining, this actually has both. Another former “classmate,” James is from England, so his blog speaks to my admiration of all things British. I realized that he’s the only man to make my list, but that wasn’t intentional. I follow other males’ blogs, but not only has James been around since the start of my blogging days, he consistently makes me chuckle. He’s one of the good guys!

A Walk and a Lark – Josy is also from the UK, lived in Japan, and now lives in Vancouver. Apparently she’s in New Zealand as I write this. She and I found each other through our mutual love of hiking. As someone who lives in the flat Midwest US, I like to live vicariously as she treks up and down mountains just outside her adopted city. She is sweet and witty, otherwise, I’d be jealous of her adventurous globetrotting.

I’m Sick and So Are You – Christine chronicles life with a desmoid tumor, but her blog is much more than that. If you’re looking for sappy platitudes about positive thinking, look elsewhere! She hates that crap. Her snarky, sweary take on life and her recent move from Florida to the frozen tundra of North Carolina never fail to make me laugh.

Afthead – What is an afthead you ask? It’s on the opposite side of your head from your forehead of course! I think my love of clever wordplay attracted me to Johanna’s blog. She knits – I don’t. She reads and writes science fiction – I don’t. She has cats – I’m allergic. But I still find her bogs entertaining. She just seems like someone I’d be friends with if she didn’t live several states away.

Atypical 60 – Catherine is another Blogging 101 alum. Her blog is primarily about fashion and makeup. Anyone who knows me knows how incompetent I am with both. So why do I read her blog? Because she is hilarious! And, she speaks her mind and tells it like it is. Whether she’s railing against ageism in advertising and the workplace or recounting her latest trip to France with her French husband, it’s all a delight. They often remind me of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo – in the best possible way!

Shallow Reflections – Molly’s take on life always makes me laugh. When she proposed championing the turnip to replace pumpkin during pumpkin spice season, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Her book and accompanying doll “Boomer on the Ledge” is an adult answer to Elf on the Shelf. I can just tell I’d enjoy hanging out with her if she didn’t live in Maine. She’s a hoot and a half!

Lutheran Liar – I have no recollection of how I came to find this blog, but I’m glad I did. Alice is from Illinois and grew up in my neck of the woods. She also had a career in advertising, where I spent several years. Although, she was channeling Peggy Olson, rubbing elbows with the likes of Don Draper, while I was one of the “extras” in the accounting department counting beans. No matter. It’s enough of a commonality that I can relate to her stories. I love her sense of humor, but I especially like her writing style, and what I’ve come to think of as her Creative Capitalization. Visit her blog and you’ll see what I mean.

Insomnia Girl – I recently found Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together. This is a great blog that gives Fatty McCupcakes a run for her money in the irreverence and cussing department. It never fails to make me laugh. Insomnia Girl is a spinoff and it is an absolute gem. It details 2 AM conversations between the author and her VIT (very important thoughts.)


So there you have it. Some wonderful blogs that you should click on, read, and follow. What are you waiting for?! Go! And come back and let me know which ones you’ve decided to follow so we can dish about how great they are.

What are some of your favorite blogs? I’m always looking for more things to distract me discover.

33 thoughts on “So Many Blogs. So Little Time.

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, Rita. I’m so glad I hooked you into my readership with my post about turnips, my most beloved vegetable. I love root vegetables, with Maine potatoes being highest on my list. But I digress. I’m familiar with a few of the other blogs you’ve listed, and now I must explore others. Which is I can tell will add to my blog reading time each day. Isn’t it great you connected with people during a wordpress class and have kept up the relationships? I love meeting new people through blogging, don’t you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! I’m sure you were the Coolest Bean Among The Counters (!) Thank you ever so for the wonderful shoutout. I love that you are from My Neck Of The Woods. And that you appreciate my Creative Capitalization. Kiss kiss!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Rita! In reality I probably have ADD … look a shiny thing! _ runs off to inspect…. Anyway, you are one of my earliest followers too. I’m so glad to have met you! And thanks for the great blog recommendations too!

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  4. Rita!! Thank you soooooooooo much for this inclusion. I have to tell you, it came at a time when I am starting to rethink the blogs that I do follow. We all know that I love me my makeup, fashion and deeply shallow stuff. But, there is also the passionate side of me that rears it’s made up little head from time to time.

    Last week I wrote a post about the “language” the president used. I shared this post on an “empowering and fierce women’s facebook group”. Well–it seems that these fierce and empowering women only consider makeup, fillers, and high heels empowering. My post caused a ruckus, was deemed “too political” because it offended a couple of members (while I will admit, I did have my share of support) and the post was taken down. I’ve since left the group–not out of anger or because my post was deleted, but because there is more to our lives than just the cosmetic. Empowering means strength and it also means support. I swear to god, we women are our own worst enemies. I cannot belong to a group of “older” women who have nothing better to do than pontificate to the world their talents (which were funded by their husbands) then throw someone under the bus for a non-political post deemed political.

    And so, I thank you. Now–I must go because I have a couple of incredibly deeply shallow posts to write. I got some new fake hair and just fake tanned my legs–I need to get to the nail place to have my fake nails filled in. I’m also working on two blog posts–one about food and one about wearing leopard!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    Thank you so much Rita. I’ve bookedmarked your list because I plan on enjoying these blogs with a cuppa tea this afternoon!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

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    • That’s the great thing about the blogging community Cathe – there’s something for everyone. That group didn’t work out for you, but you’ll find others that do.
      As for your plans for today – sounds like fake news to me! haha!
      Keep making me laugh! xo


  5. Truly honoured to have made the list! I’ve been rubbish at reading other people’s blogs lately but really that is what makes blogging so much fun. I’ll be checking out some of my fellow listees with interest!

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  6. What kind words! Omg. You’ve made my horrible-back-to-the-daily-grind-day!! I follow most of the people you listed, but the ones I’m not, I’m excited to check out. “…you could reach tens of readers.” I’M DEAD 😂😂😂

    And, that DGGYST TOTALLY gives me a run for my money. The bitch. I’m kidding. I LOVE her ☺️😉😜.

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  7. Rita! This is a fantastic list. I’m now following several of the blogs you mentioned, to ensure that your promise of “tens of new followers” isn’t a falsehood. Soon I’ll be eating cupcakes in fancy new clothes while making my own broth out of the ham hock hiding in my fridge. You’ve provided so many learning opportunities. And if anyone is interested in zombie hamsters or the ridiculousness of the biopsy process, well Afthead would be glad to meet you. Thanks so much!

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