Day One: About Me

Hi – I’m Rita. A native of Chicago, living in Southern Illinois for the past 16 years. I love words, grammar, and puns.

I am brand-spankin’-new to the world of blogging. That’s not entirely true… I created a WordPress page 3 years ago, published one post, didn’t tell a soul about it, and never used it again until now.

That in itself should tell you a lot about me. I’ve always loved to write and like the thought of putting my ideas out there in the world. I am constantly adding to a list of topics to write about, but I lack the confidence to follow through. But I am my own worst critic and a people-pleaser. The combination can be paralyzing. I always feel my work is not good enough and/or it will offend, alienate, or hurt someone’s feelings.

Joining Blogging 101 is a big step for me. It’s a commitment to getting unstuck; to doing what I claim to want to do more than anything; to finding the courage to tell the world what I think without worrying about the fallout.

I’m tired of being a word-wimp! Let’s get this party started!

One thought on “Day One: About Me

  1. Hi Rita! I’m glad you decided to start blogging 🙂 Try not to get too caught up in the little things, this is your space on the internet, and believe me there’s always going to be someone out there that has different views than you (which is great, life would be boring if we all thought the same) and there are just as many people who will get angry over ridiculous things. Your blog should be for you though, use this space as a place to explore your thoughts and ideas – and of course have fun!

    ❤ and harp strings,

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