I’m too Young to be this Old.

I am no longer “pushing 50.” Almost two years after that milestone, I can say that I’m doing pretty well. Unfortunately, my body is staging a revolt.

I’m fairly fit – I do yoga regularly and walk a mile or two nearly every day. The old bod says thank you by insisting on hanging onto those 10 extra pounds no matter how much I watch my calories, or my carbs, or my fat grams, or my sugar. Based on the way I feel each morning, I’m also convinced that some invisible gremlin is taking a hammer to my joints as I sleep.

I try to look my best by doing the usual upkeep of covering my gray and plucking/waxing/shaving all the correct parts. So how, during a 45 minute meeting, can an inch long chin hair somehow appear out of nowhere? Don’t get me started on Continue reading