Spending Time Up In My (Freelance) Business

I just realized that I haven’t posted on this blog since April! Years ago, I coined the word “blazy” to describe a former coworker. She would always claim to be “so busy!” but she was really just lazy. That is a good description of me these past few months. I have time to do all I want and need to do, but somehow, I just don’t get around to some things – like keeping up with this blog.

Until I get those creative juices flowing again, I thought I’d show a glimpse of what I do in my “real” life. Continue reading

Time to Kick Off My (Goody Two) Shoes?

I’ve always played it safe. Ever the goody-two-shoes, when other kids were cutting class, breaking rules and defying authority, I was the one more likely to be sitting quietly in the library working on a project for extra credit. I take my responsibilities very seriously and am by no means a risk taker. So, it’s no wonder that I’ve been losing some sleep lately about a decision I need to make. Don’t get excited now! I’m not about to confess that I’m about to rob a bank or even go through the express checkout with 11 items instead of the requisite 10. I’m talking about leaving a good paying job that I’ve had for 12 ½ years, without a concrete plan for the future. Continue reading