What the Chuck Were We Thinking?

When our beloved dog Daisy had to be put to sleep in December 2013, Mr. Maid and I were devastated. At only nine and a half (human) years old it was way too soon to say goodbye. She was equal parts sweet and snotty, and we loved her.

This was Daisy. She was a good dog… most of the time.

Unlike a lot of dog owners, we didn’t rush right out to get another pet. We knew at some point we would, but it would take a long time to be emotionally ready. Would we get a puppy again? God, no. Why on earth would we want to go through that again? Don’t be absurd. We’re not insane. Next time, we’d get an older dog.

So, meet Chuck. Yes, he’s a puppy. And yes, we are apparently insane.

Chucks glamour shot, shortly a week after bringing him home. (It helps to have a professional photographer in the family.) Seriously, how could I resist this face?

I blame this 100% on Mr. Maid. Unbeknownst to me, he had been looking at puppy porn behind my back. NO! Get your mind out of the gutter. That has nothing to do with puppies in compromising positions. No, his daughter was sending him pictures of the puppies available at the no-kill animal shelter where she works. Continue reading