History Has to Start Somewhere

I normally stay out of politics. Today is an exception…Sort of.

I have opinions, but I rarely voice them here or on social media. I don’t begrudge others their right to be vocal, but public debate just isn’t my thing. I know I will not change someone’s long-held beliefs with a post or comment, just as they will never change mine. I choose to take my opinions to the ballot box instead of the soapbox.

So today, my news feed was filled with stories about high school walkouts. National Walkout Student Day was organized in response to the Parkland, Florida shootings.

A glutton for punishment, I read some of the comments. Along with the encouraging “Way to go!” and “So proud!” were messages like “What’s the point?” “Walking out of school isn’t going to do anything.” “These kids were eating tide pods last week.” “They don’t know what they’re talking about and are being manipulated by adults.” “They need to shut up and go back to class.” Continue reading