A Surprise Out My Window


They say that seeing a cardinal signifies a visit from someone who has passed.

I find that capturing them on film is difficult. No matter how I hold my breath and try not to move, they seem to vanish into thin air. Much like hanging on to the image of a loved one when you see them in a dream, or hear their voice in your head.

I am not a good photographer, but occasionally I can surprise one, capturing the image before it flees.

Today, I am thinking of two people who departed our world last week.

An old friend I hadn’t seen in years – gone too soon – taken by cancer. And a dear friend’s father who lived a long, full 86-year life.

Perhaps the cardinal’s skittishness is a reminder to appreciate those we love while they are here. Before we know it, they too may take flight, leaving only memories of their vibrancy.

~Written in response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Surprise.

11 thoughts on “A Surprise Out My Window

    • Ever since I heard of the significance of cardinals, I take a moment to think of someone who’s gone when I see one. Bittersweet, to be sure.
      I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. Is she the one you’ve written about?


  1. My yard is filled with cardinals. They love nesting in the forsythias. The bright scarlet is easy to pick out amidst the golden flowers. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend and hope that memories will be happy and more then fleeting.

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    • Cardinals perch in our gray barren forsythias also and turn what looks dead into a colorful moment of life. After participating in two “celebration of life” services this month, I take solace in seeing cardinals just as some do when seeing butterflies. I also feel flooded with joy when I see the sun rays spread out and pushing through the clouds, looking heavenly. At such moments, I pause to remember my father and my grandparents. Three beautiful representations or remembrances of life.

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