Ice Ice Baby

In response the The Daily Post prompt: Shiver.

It’s always hard to remember the feeling of summer heat and humidity while it’s cold outside. Likewise, when it’s 90 degrees outside, you can never accurately imagine what it’s like to shiver from the frigid winds of winter.

I took the following photos in February, 2011 after an ice storm that knocked out the power and covered everything with a 1/4 inch of slickness. Seeing them almost makes me shiver in my shorts and t-shirt.

Watch your step!




Each blade of grass was individually coated with ice.

branch 1

daisy 1
The earth was covered in a crunchy shell. Daisy didn’t like walking on it at all.
daisy 2
Snowflakes that stay on her nose and eyelashes.
daisy 3
“Ok Mom, that’s enough. I’m cold! Let’s go inside!”


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