In Cheese We Trust

Once again I’ve been sidetracked from the next chapter in my Maid Goes to Maine series.
To tide you over, here is a reblog of one of my early posts exactly one year ago today. Another year has passed and I still feel just as passionate about my pizza issues.

Maid's Day Off

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Dear St. Louis Community,

When I relocated from Chicago to an Illinois suburb of your fine city 16 years ago, I found something that was so foreign, so disturbing, that I can no longer stay silent. I fear you have all been brainwashed. I’m not sure who is responsible, and I don’t know that there is any hope to reverse it. I’m talking about what you have been told is “pizza.” Or, more specifically, what you refer to as the “cheese” on this “pizza.” People of St. Louis, your pizza makes me sad.

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