Test, one, two. Check. Check.

microphonesWhen I dated a guy in a band, one thing that always drove me crazy was the dreaded sound check. For what seemed like hours, someone would check, and re-check every mike. It was so annoying to someone such as myself, who was unschooled in the technical aspect of the show. Each check sounded exactly the same to my novice ears. Why did it have to go on so long? And why did they have to say the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again?

“Test, one, two. Check. Check. Test, one two. Check. Check.” It would start to grate on my nerves as it stretched into the 15th, then the 20th minute, making me want to gouge my own eyes out with the swizzle stick in my rum and coke. Perhaps if these incredibly creative guys could come up with something more interesting to say, but no, it remained “Test, one, two. Check. Check.”

So, as I embark on this blog, I hope to refrain from boring you, dear readers, with a beginning writer’s version of “Test, one, two. Check. Check.” and get on with the show. Hopefully you will hear something to make you want to come back and listen some more.

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